Evergreen are trees that are green all year long. They are consistent, lasting, and persistent. But an evergreen is still a living thing. It is constantly growing, shedding its needles over time and growing new ones. When we think about ourselves as creative beings, we desire to be like evergreen—consistent and alive, but willing to embrace life (and creativity) as it evolves and changes.

We also appreciate that evergreen sprigs are fresh and fragrant, but simultaneously represent a sense of warmth and comfort. We desire to make things that convey the same feeling.

We formed a collective because we each create in significantly different ways. We have different interests, different methods, and different habits. But we find immense value in our diversity. We believe that we don’t have to be creating the same things to inspire each other. Simply working together in a creative environment encourages us to keep making, no matter what we make or how we make it. We also feel there is great value in a collective for those who join us in this space, as we are able to cover a broader range of topics and ideas. It’s our hope that at least something we share here will be of interest to you too.