Photo by Arynn Photography

First and foremost, we are a trio of friends who love to create. Our friendship began out of a mutual appreciation for good tea and gardening, but soon became so much more through numerous conversations spent hoping and daydreaming about how our shared love of making and creating could become more than just individual hobbies. So we decided to turn our individual passions into a shared adventure.

Together we formed The Evergreen Collective. We each create in different ways, from painting, to quilting, sewing, drawing, printing, embroidering, knitting, candle-making, and all the -ings in between, but we find immense value in our creative diversity and the benefit it can bring to a creative environment. For that reason, we formed this collective as a way to inspire each other and to bring that diversity to anyone who is willing to embrace it. We believe that all forms of creativity are equally valuable. We believe in the value of a creative community. And we believe that Warhol said it best when he said, "One's a company, two's a crowd, but three's a party!"

We created this space as a way to share that desire for a creative community with you too. Here we share things that we are passionate about, things that we are struggling with, and things that we think you'll enjoy too. We encourage you to be a part of it all. Engage in the comments. Meet new friends. And join the conversation. 

Thanks for stopping by!