Friday, 2 November 2018

Our Top Secret Project

For the past week we've been whispering about a top secret project we've been working on. It's time for the big reveal! We (Amber & Marie) have teamed up with Karla (Marie's mom) to develop a new devotional project for Advent. Our hearts and souls have been poured into this, and we're excited about our new product!

Light: Advent Devotional

Each of us had been individually thinking about ways to make Advent more meaningful. (Advent is the period between the fourth Sunday before Christmas and Christmas Day.) We knew God was in this when Karla brought the idea to Marie and Amber and we discovered that each one of us had the same idea! With Karla's writing background (she is a published author and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Providence Theological Seminary), Marie's creativity and project management skills, and Amber's artistic and design gifts, together we had all the skills necessary to complete the project.

Our new venture is called Red Pine Press, and our first devotional series, Light, offers a fresh new way to experience God during Advent. Our devotions were designed to help us work through the issues that bubble up for most people at Christmas: overly busy schedules, stepping back from the consumer excess, and making time to truly prepare our hearts for the birth of our Saviour.

Please join us as we walk through Advent together and prepare our hearts for all of the wonder and goodness that the arrival of the Light, our Saviour, will bring.

The full set of 25 cards!

Each devotional set includes twenty-five 4x6" full colour cards, one for each day of Advent. They feature original artwork on one side and a devotional reading on the other. Each devotion contains a Bible reading, devotional, and an invitation (question) to help you explore the topic deeper.

We've also created a boxed set for the devotions. It includes a hand poured evergreen scented candle, oak stand for the cards, and an 8x10" art print. I just poured the evergreen candles yesterday - they smell divine. We've only have a few boxed sets, so order early if you'd like one. Both the boxed sets and card sets are available in our Etsy shop.

The boxed set featuring Sutchi (Amber's cat). Art print not pictured.

We hope our Advent devotions will be a source of light for you this Christmas season. If you'd like to walk the journey together, we'll have additional resources on instagram, facebook, and the Red Pine Press website.

It's amazing to think that before we ever spoke a word of this project out loud, we were each praying about it. And now, eight months later, our devotions are ready to share and we have stronger faith than before we even began. God is at work!

-Marie, Amber & Karla

P.S. Advent starts on December 2nd this year!


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