Friday, 6 January 2017

The Joys of Bunting

Mini bunting is something you can find on our table at every craft show, and always in our Etsy shop. I love making bunting, especially picking out the fabric combinations (plus, my mom often helps with this step, which makes it extra fun)! My very first time making bunting was for my own wedding. My mom came up with the brilliant idea to hang it inside the dinner reception tent. Together we picked out metres of pink & grey fabrics, and cut & sewed all the flags together.

Photo by Jay Siemens Media Productions 

Photo by Jay Siemens Media Productions 

What a big project! It added such a special touch my wedding. I love how it looked and it was a labour of love; it took my mom & I all summer to make it! We made a grand total of 240 flags divided over 8 strips of bunting- 150 feet of bunting in all. We did a whole lot of cutting, stitching, pressing, un-stitching (that was mostly me), starching, more stitching, pressing, pressing, and more pressing! After it was all said and done, we cut up the strands saved the flags to turn into quilts someday down the road!

Photo by Jay Siemens Media Productions 

Now, we sell mostly mini buntings. They are great versatile & reusable decorations. Common uses are kids rooms or nurseries, holiday/seasonal décor, or party decorations. At Christmas time I hang them in doorways, in windows, and across fireplace mantles. They also look great along stairwells and even around Christmas trees! 
My double bunting living room at the farmhouse last winter.

One of our mini buntings from the winter 2015 collection.

In my home I hang bunting on an empty wall and enjoy changing it every season, to add a fun touch of colour and festivity to my apartment! Currently, I have a Gold Luster Mini Fabric Bunting hanging above my dining room table. For me, it’s the perfect amount of sparkle to pair well with my Christmas decorations. After the Christmas season ends, I still love it as winter décor. I’m definitely going to leave it up for the month of January, the gold glimmer reminds me that it’s a new year, and to start it off right!

My spring '16 dining room, bunting available here 

My dining room bunting from fall '16, available here

My all time favourite bunting photo is this one I took last winter, when I was living on a farm. 

RIP chickens (that's another story for another time)

The weathered shed and my hens making an appearance make this photo extra unique & interesting, and simply sentimental to me!

If you're in the market for some bunting, check out the bunting section in our Etsy shop, or shoot us an email ( to collaborate on a custom order! Leave us a comment below with your colour combination suggestions! We love hearing your ideas and working together! 


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