Thursday, 24 November 2016

Event Spotlight: St. Joe's Christmas Marketplace

Our very last event of the holiday season will be taking place in Uxbridge on Friday, November 25th. From 5-9pm we will be at St. Joseph's School for their 4th annual Christmas Marketplace.

If you can't make it and still want to shop our holiday products, have no fear! We're having a sale in our Etsy Shop! When you shop between November 27th and December 10th use the promo code SHIPSHIPHORRAY to receive free domestic shipping (within Canada)!

Plus, we have some special prices! All baby onesies have been marked down. They are fair trade certified, and made with organic cotton. We also have Christmas card sets. They are handmade and festive, and you save by buying them in a set. Our best selling holiday buntings from last year are back, but in limited quantity and with a special price!

We hope you are enjoying the season so far, and hopefully this festive picture with some hens will brighten your day, like it does mine! Believe it or not, this photo was taken last December, when the grass was still green and I was still living on the farm with my fine feathered friends. I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year!


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