Saturday, 3 September 2016

Meet Amber

Hi friends! We thought it would be a neat idea to introduce ourselves a little better, so today it's my turn to meet you.

I'm Amber - another third of this little collective. I'm a quiet, easy-going introvert who can actually be incredibly stubborn. I grew up the youngest child in a family of five, always getting my hands dirty with some little creative project I cooked up. I've always been very in-tune with my creative side and am always willing to try something new, whether it be knitting or pottery. My creative projects are always way more ambitious than my ability to be patient, so most new adventures eventually get thrown by the wayside, but for the most part, if there is something to be made, you will find me trying it out.

I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with my husband and hilariously nutso kitty, Sutchi. I work part-time at a cool little independent espresso bar in my hometown, where I love talking to people in my community and am continuously striving to master my latte art. When I'm not working, I'm usually baking, drawing, reading, making prints, or dreaming about how I can make my home feel cozier. I have a weakness for sweets, cats, and home-reno shows. I also enjoy strumming a Johnny Cash tune or two on my flashy white guitar, but that's a secret best kept between us.

Being creative has always made me happy. When I was a kid, I thrived off craft-making. At summer camp I would sign up for three craft activities in one day instead of trying the more generic and exciting camp activities like kayaking and water sports. When people asked me what I hoped to be when I grew up, I always confidently answered with "an artist". Eventually I went to university for fine art and graduated with a BFA (but that's it's own story that I'm sure I will one day share). These days, I just try to push myself to live out a meaningful life by doing the things that I love for the people I love. Living a creative life is allowing me to do just that.

My faith in God and His provision in my life is of utmost importance to me. In the past, I've wrestled with how my passions and gifts are ultimately God-serving, but over the years I have come to realize that since God designed me this way, seeing me create brings Him as much joy as it brings me. He designed me to be this way. Seeing me live out His design is serving Him.

I love getting to create alongside my friends. They are two of the most talented people I know. They also have two of the most beautiful hearts I have ever met. They care passionately about other people and use their talents and gifts to love both people that they know and people that they have never met. I always admire them and am so thankful for their friendship and encouragement.

I think that just about covers it. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about the faces behind The Evergreen Collective. If you missed meeting Marie, you can do so by clicking here.


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